Dec 12, 2009 · PDX - York does have a problem with their pressure switches, but from what I am being told, they have it worked out. The pressure switch closes, but the contacts of the electrical portion get pitted and won't conduct the signal any more. There is also a bulletin out regarding the "routing" of the tubing going to the pressure switch.. "/>

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4 YORK INTERNATIONAL UNIT NOMENCLATURE The model number denotes the following characteristics of the unit: YCA S 140X- 46 YD YORK Chiller Design Series Air Cooled Type Start Y = WYE-Delta X = Across-the-Line Compressor Design Series S = Screw Unit Model Voltage Code: 17 = 200-3-60 Class 28 = 230-3-60 Blank = Standard Efficiency 46 = 460-3-60.

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